The firm
Avenue Louise 200 B. 143 • 1050 Bruxelles • T 32 2 533 27 40
GMW is a law firm constituted in 2008 and specialises in tax and certain specific aspects of business law (mergers and acquisitions, real estate law).
GMW is a “boutique” firm aiming at providing high-quality legal services to a select and demanding clientele. Our specialist practice areas give us the means of achieving these aims.

Our partners have all gained solid experience in major law firms, where they have acquired expansive, in-depth legal knowledge. We believe we are able to maintain the qualities of a large practice, but with the advantages of a smaller team. We live a culture of excellence, and give priority to the quality of our service. Our partners favour a direct relationship with our clients and keep a firm hand on the tiller in the handling of their cases. The accent is placed on thoroughness, flexibility and speed of execution.

We practise in French, Dutch, English, German and Hebrew.